Friday, August 26, 2011

Heart OF Gold

In order for my physical to be complete, I had to have an EKG. But my 2 brain stimulators were causing interference. Fortunately, there was alternative: A cardio ultrasound.

This, friends and bloggers, was an amazing experience.I watched my heart beating, the valves opening and closing, the contractions ... wow. Just -- wow. We tend to think of our bodies' interiors(I do,anyway)as a mysterious jumble of viscera, with little pattern or purpose. How many people know the location of their spleen? Hands? (It's below the right lung.)

In fact, until I was six or seven, I thought of my body's interior as a sort of undifferentiated lump of gray. This hypothesis seemed totally reasonable to me; after all, that was the color and consistency of any number of cartoon characters' innards after being sliced, diced, filleted, chainsawed, etc., no? QED, then.

Best of all, I learned that my heart is healthy. No aortal or ventricular fib, no murmurs, no unsightly yellow buildup. I asked for a copy of the readout so I could prove to my ex that I really do have a heart.


Victoria Pavlova said...
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Steve Perry said...

Now if you can get an EEG to prove you have a brain ...