Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I can't resist this,especially since I came across it on my birthday. It's the table of contents for an anthology called "the Mammoth Book Of Ghost Stories", edited by Otto Penzler, and if you look real carefully you'll find I'm in sandwiched in between people who really know what they're doing,like Saki and H.P. Lovecraft and M.R. James and ... annd ... It's like the saying goes ... I'm the only person in it I don't recognize.  


RockofVT said...

Mr. Reaves,
I didn't see another way of reaching out to you so I wanted to take a moment on your blog to say how much I enjoyed running across one of your older sites in which you dispel the myths on the final episode of the 80's cartoon 'Dungeons & Dragons' you were on the staff for. All kidding aside I feel like one of the huge mysteries of my childhood has been solved. I know I am not alone in remembering how there seemed to be endless choices as a child in the 80's of epic narrative anime, and compared to today's trash I am happy to have been able to watch such cartoons as Voltron, Wheeled Warriors, COPS, GI Joe, and He-Man but above all I feel Dungeons and Dragons really captured the open and endless imagination I had as a child. The prodical son ending with knowing whichever they chose to do I would be happy with is much better news than what some rumored. Warmest Regards, J. McGurn

RockofVT said...

Would love to see what the good Venger looks like.

Zack Smith said...

Hey Michael -- did not see an email contact on here. Wanted to see if you'd like to talk the new INTERWORLD novel for the Newsarama site. If you're interested, email me at Thanks!