Thursday, July 21, 2011

Living With The Monster

So I've lived with this beast for nearly 20 years, now. The first 10 got steadily worse, until I had what was then a relatively-new operation called DBS (a sorta generic acronym which just means "Deep Brain Stimulation" -- which could be anything from a procedure done in black-and-white with the accompaniment of electrical arcs crackling from Van de Graaf generators, to just really good porn). What it does is squelch the tremoring and lack of balance, and just sort of generally slow the whole process down. How it does this, they don't have a clue. Nor did I -- I just wanted my life back.

Which I got. For about another 5 years. At which time things really started to fall apart.

But I'll talk about that the next time. I've to pace myself -- while I might happily chatter away here all day long, there are lots other things that demand my attention. And I'm not moving that fast, any more ...


Steve Perry said...

Congratulation on getting It lit.

John Myers said...

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